Razor Bump Eliminator

Face Works eliminates existing razor bumps, and when used after every shave will prevent future razor bumps. Developed and formulated to eliminate razor bumps caused by shaving with safety razors. Allows for a quick close razor shave without skin irritation and bumps. Lather and shave normally with your choice of a safety razor. Rinse and apply a thin veneer of Faceworks Razor Bump Eliminator , over the entire shaved area and wipe it off with a warm soapy damp cloth. Note: Faceworks is not a depilatory or a waterless shave. How to use: Shave as usual, use sharp razors; dull razors slow the shave also pulls Out hair causing cuts, and other skin irritations. After the shave, use a warm cloth to soothe skin and remove excess shaving foam. * IMMEDIATELY apply a thin veneer of FaceWorks over the entire shaved area. Take shower or Bath; use a non-deodorant soap to wash facial area Shaving only, apply FaceWorks, and allow to set for 1-2 minutes before removing. *Double the setting time for Bald heads. Remove Face Works with a warm soapy face clothe. Dry the skin; that’s it. Your skin is now protected until your next shave. No Razor Bumps Quick Close Razor Shaves Smooth Baby Soft Skin Heals Razor Nicks Instantly No Harmful Side Effects https://www.capesbysheena.com/product/razor-bump-eliminator/
Updated 28-Jun-2018